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Aura kasih Hot and Sexy Girls

Aura Kasih
Aura Kasih - Mari Bercinta

foto bercinta Aura Kasihtoket gede Aura Kasih

Aura Kasih telanjangAura Kasih bugil

belahan dada Aura Kasihtoket Aura Kasih

intip Aura Kasihpaha mulus Aura Kasih

foto bugil Aura Kasihfoto telanjang Aura Kasih

Indonesia music industry gives one again singer.miss Indonesia 2007 finalist , Aura Kasih, launch the principal album entitle "Malaikat Penggoda".

Image that signalized Aura Kasih in this album impression is "pretty, tempt, and sexy" . The mainstay song "Mari Bercinta" which energetic with clip video that turn on Aura Kasih sexy pose with minimum clothing bandage. This song is inaugurated as "MTV Hot Seat Artist" Maret-April 2008 period.

Girl that births at 26 Februaries 1988 this unfold "Malaikat Penggoda" is chosen as album title because angel figure as perfect figure. while word " menggoda" according to him as according to leer songs that tempt and a little naughty.

" With my Malaikat Penggoda is not as follower other singer, for example Mulan Jameela with Makhluk Tuhan Paling Seksi. i only want songs in my album is heard, and liked person, " Aura Kasih said.

As for what colors are best suited to your type of body, bikinis or swimsuits with strong colors and bold designs, or with large flowers are a good choice.

Another trick that has been successfully used by women with broad shoulders or a major purchase of combinations of two pieces, swimsuit. For funds, choose the fabric that has a floral pattern or design of it. In principle, choose the color of the tissues. Mixing solids with grounds, attracts the attention of the shoulder and looking for balances body type.

Women, have you noticed how men see women who wear a bikini? Whatever the style bikini, men in general, like what they see. Perhaps it is time for you to learn within a g-string bikini.

31 July 2008

Goyangan Aura Kasih

Aura Kasih
Goyangan Aura Kasih

Aura Kasih telanjangtoket Aura Kasih
Aura Kasih FHM Magazine

Aura Kasih bugil

foto toket Aura Kasih

foto bugil Aura Kasih

Aura Kasih Mari Bercinta

Aura Kasih Mari Bercinta

foto toket Aura Kasih

foto telanjang Aura Kasih

foto telanjang bugil Aura Kasih

From beginning the appearance, singer Aura Kasih affection has formed sexy image in every the appearance. but Aura Kasih admit never want to let loose sexy clothes.

Follow 'Mari Bercinta' singer that is sexiest must not be seen from appearance. manner speaks and posed to also can be assumed sexy.

" That section can be seen from character. but really a large part man really sexy from physical, " said Aura Kasih met at Pewayangan building, beautiful Indonesia miniature, Jakarta east.

But although such Aura Kasih not dispute if the first clip video really wear minimum clothes with exotic dance. temporary at second clip video also the grand stand appearance, Aura Kasih carefuler in choose clothes.

This type is Baltex Lagoon tankini tankini Bathing line. This is a line of swimsuits that offer Caribbean Joe gives options for girls in the background as a complete summary or bikini style and substance of the leaves of autumn, into two parts, which offers a tankini high cut legs. These can be added to give a principle for a bathing suit or any other aspect added to the bottom of soft cup camisole search functionality.

Many young people have an anxiety about buying a swimsuit in the stores. There are other alternatives for these girls. With the help of his mother can shop online on a number of sites that offer swimwear for them. You can buy yourself, but when it comes to the end, must have parental permission and is the place where the father ordered them. Many sites like alwaysforme.com Moosejaw.com offers a wide range of young people swimming.

swimwear for women can stretch up to 100% in some cases. Normally, 75%, but what it really means is that the material is compressed, including body mass, which extends more and more. If the bikini bathing equipment beyond your comfort zone, it May be unsightly bulges. What does this mean for most people is that if your hips are 41 "half down. Order a large. A half-good, but unless you are very skin and muscle tone, then the likely outcome unsightly tracks.

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